Monday, 15 November 2010


For a long time I believed it was the adult making a statement through what they choose to wear that was my market but it wasn’t workingfor me. Something wasn’t quite right. I have always known what I wanted to create but didn’t know what it exactly was just that I hadn’t found it yet.

Then after looking through old family pictures of my childhood I realized what I had been missing the obvious it is the inner child in the adult that really matter that’s what interests me.


‘That’s why I could be quite a good actress, being in disguise assuming another role, hiding behind a costume, it is so easy. Being ones-self, now that’s always a little more tricky, don’t you think?’ (Daphne Guinness)



I have a great excitement for fashion, the way it enables the wearer to express a personality and style on a daily basis without having to even speak a single word fascinates me.

‘The art of getting dressed allows the wearer to prepare the body for society, choosing whether to conform to the idea of what is normal or not.’

Fashion is about making a statement whether you consciously choose to make one or not. Everything defines us whether it be, jeans and a T-shirt or a dress made of meat, each is a statement the later being the most obvious. I am interested in making a statement, causing a reaction.